Jay Hood’s Musical Experience

When did you start making music?

It all started five years back when I used to just write poems and show it to my English teacher. All my poems were inspired by what happened in my life so it was easy for me to just write my story and put it in a rhyming form. Well back then it was cute that a kid could rhyme and stuff so I never really thought about taking it to the next level “rap”.

How was your life growing up as a youngin’?

I grew up hard mahn , lived in a one bedroom with my mother and my two brothers struggling. My father had a lot of money but never really cared about my mother causing him not to care about us. But anyway we visit him regularly in limpopo.

As talented as you are, have you ever thaught you’d be making music?

Visiting my dad in Limpompo I met Danny B, a young talented producer/rapper. He’s the reason why I’m rapping today coz 4 years before that I never thought I’d be rapping but after meeting him it was a change of thought. He gave me one of his beats and I spit on it then bang we made our first track. I never really bought beats and he didn’t have people to buy beats from him so he agreed to be my producer and I agreed to be his artist. We have a special bond and till today we’ve been working together. He taught me how to produce. I mean he always had Faith in me. I think it’s actually fate that brought us together. He’s really talented and we get along very well.

Who inspires you in the industry?

In terms of who Inspires me the most , it’s J.Cole. And my dreams are to work with him one day. But on a realistic note I’d like to work with a lot of local artists. Because artists who are already “known” or “famous” never wanna help you get up from the bottom. But I’d like to Work with Nasty C , Areece and Aka. But in terms of features I rather work with local artists and help them push themselves cause I know how hard it is to go from unknown to known.

Check out Jay Hood’s dope freestyle video below: